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Wild pines

The Fifteenth Indotribe is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Wild Pines, Feld, Coupris, Tricentennial, Villiers & La Salle... names of Revacholian indotribes spring into your head, set loose at the mention of *Wild Pines*. Royal monopolies, octopuses and swordfish, most of them gone now: YBP, Expander, Saint-Batiste, Brightest Star, LUM, Resplendent, East-Insulindic, Welter, and Elcassette... but isn't one missing? Wait, no. There were only fourteen. Then why do you feel like there was a *fifteenth* indotribe?

Solution[ | ]

Because there was. The fifteenth indotribe was comprised of eight kids from Faubourgh and North Jamrock, running from wild dogs in the Valley, hiding cents under rocks and stealing clothes off clotheslines, and sometimes even the copper wiring of phone lines. You may have been *one of them*. This must be a childhood memory. The fifteenth indotribe was *your* indotribe, set to rule Insulinde. The rest of the kids are dead now. Car accidents and drug overdoses. Only you remain.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 5h 55m research time

  • Research
    • None
  • Completion
    • +10 cents for every green orb clicked
    • Learning cap for Savoir Faire raised to 6

Location[ | ]