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The Jam Mystery is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

Someone's using Terminal B to smuggle raw ingredients of drugs into Revachol. Joyce said there are 3 drivers at the intersection. Talk to them, one of them *must* know something about the drug trade.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Talk to each of the three drivers about drugs to see what they know. Tommy Le Homme and the Paledriver won't be much help, but the racist lorry driver will point you towards Siileng. Siileng will then tell you that the racist lorry driver is just being racist. The driver you're looking for is actually a "lady driver" who is not present.
  • There are two ways to move on from here:
    • The easy way is through Tommy Le Homme. He is the only person acquainted with the lady driver, and is somewhat protective of her. Press him and he will reluctantly give her up, but pressing him too hard will also damage his opinion of you.
    • Or, you can go back to the racist lorry driver. You'll have to pass a difficult Half Light check to get him to talk, but you'll stay on good terms with Tommy. Opt to stay quiet and let Kim do the talking, as he will impersonate a peone of La Puta Madre, a notorious Jamrock gang leader, and soften the racist up for a +2 modifier to the Formidable Half Light White Check.
  • Whoever you talk to will point you towards the lady driver's lorry. It's a small green Tempo south of the statue (technically a FALN A-Z Contemporain). You'll have to use a prybar (Physical Instrument - Challenging 12; equip the prybar and lift weights at the DCA to gain a +1). Break in and see what you can find. Perception will point you in the right direction.
    • There are plenty of interactions here. The toolbox has an issue of Peripherique with an article about the ULAN frequency (unknown to Kim), the posters of movie stars will detail the tragic starlet Tippe Tijonne, and the radio is revealed to be an expensive, advanced model with save slots for over a hundred frequencies (for contacting other specific drivers), capable of broadcasting on shortwave, UW, and UKV, with a 20 kilometer radius (without an antenna, which can extend it even further).
      • The radio is the important one. It's obviously the nerve center of an entire smuggling operation. This is sufficient evidence of the lady driver's involvement and will satisfy Joyce.
    • Examining the throttle will reveal sandpaper glued to it. This little detail can be used to identify the lady driver as one of the persons at the scene of the lynching, as Harry will realize such an arrangement would wear one of the soles of her boots down and cause the "Odd Sole" footprints.
    • Requirement: Perception 5. Harry can notice that there's something odd about the passengear seat. Peeling the cover off, he will discover several maps. The maps will reveal how the drugs are being run through Jamrock. The first shows the elevated 8/81 motorway, with intakes and tollbooths marked with circles, the second the network of old storm tunnels large enough to accommodate lorries, and the final is a map of service tunnels beneath the 8/81 motorway. Together, they reveal the route, from Eminent Domain, to Perdition, to Main, across the River, and to the Old South, using an exit ramp that was officially shut down, but remains in use by smugglers.
  • When you're done, talk to Kim to debrief on the matter, then return to Joyce. She will be satisfied that the matter was looked into and will provide Joyce's info on the lynching.

Notes[ | ]

  • Showing Joyce Harry's badge when you first talk to her will make this task unobtainable as you don't need to prove Harry is an officer.
  • Completing this task allows the player to obtain Joyce's info on the lynching without needing to show her Harry's badge to prove Harry is an officer of the RCM.