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The Jamrock Shuffle is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

By now it’s clear you like to look inside containers. You like to open doors and see what’s behind them. Maybe secrets? Maybe... more juicy containers? Let’s be honest, you like *all* containers. Trash cans, utensil trays, manholes, coat pockets, secret containers left behind by the Filippian kings that hold forbidden relics. Okay, you haven’t come across one of those yet, but *one day*... Wait. Is that why you’re so hellbent on opening containers? Do you think you’ll find the Holy Scepter and the Orbe de Montagne?

Solution[ | ]

In a way, yes. You *are* treasure hunting. Most officers from Precinct 41 do what is called the Jamrock Shuffle -- cracking open containers. Most of them are from Jamrock or Coal City, the poorest parts of Revachol that also overlap with the network of royal catacombs called Le Royaume, just beneath the streets. As children you would all go underground, hoping to find treasure, and come back with a rat’s tail or a used needle. That playful curiosity must still be in you. Who knows. Maybe one day the Orbe de Montagne, the Holy Scepter, and the Cocaine Skull will all be yours!

Effects[ | ]

Requires 1h 5m research time

  • Research
  • Completion
    • Find better loot in locked containers (eg. doubles the amount of cash found in containers you have to force open).

Location[ | ]

  • Open a bunch of locked doors, even if it's technically B&E. More precisely: