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The Most Honourable Cop in The Land is an achievement in Disco Elysium.

How to obtain[ | ]

  • Unlocking Overproductive Honour Glands happens at 5 points. 11 total are required.
  • There are 25 honour points available.
    • Try to pull the boots off the corpse before getting it down, get reprimanded by Kim, then tell Interfacing that it would be dishonourable to steal them. (+1)
    • Talk with Joyce Messier and accept 130 to pay off the debt. You can swear that it would be dishonourable to take any more money (+1) and declare yourself as an honourable policeman, who can't be swayed by a donation (+1).
    • When talking to Call Me Mañana, ask for money, then do not pick up the reál he throws you. (+1)
    • Steal the sleeping docker's pass, then return it to Mañana. (+1)
    • Ask Lena for money. After she gives you the pin, either pay her back for it later (+1) OR return the pin itself for an extra honour point (+2).
    • Convince Evrart to ask the Hardie boys to cooperate with the murder case. Then, don't accept the 5 reál note he holds out. (+1)
    • Convince Plaisance to let you investigate the Doomed Commercial Area, then promise "on your honour" that you can handle it. (+1)
    • Have alcohol in your inventory when you find out your number of confirmed kills, select the option to pour one out for the boys, then choose the honour option. (+1)
    • Get René to offer you his medal by telling him a hero-story. Then, EITHER refuse to take the medal OR take the medal and give it to The Pigs. (+1)
    • Talk to René about turning back time, then choose to respect his privacy. (+1)
    • Qualify for the Kingdom of Conscience thought. Ask Empathy about the Kingdom of Conscience, then state that it's a honourable goal. (+1)
    • Talk to Lena about the cut phone line, then ask Garte about it. Tell him you don't reveal your sources. (+1)
    • Accept Lena's task to look for her husband. When Kim objects, tell him you're honour-bound to follow through. (+1)
    • Ask Lena about cryptids, and agree with Kim to ask about just one. Try to ask about more than one anyway, but then agree to drop it when Kim brings it up. (+1)
    • Turn Klaasje over to The Sunday Friend and choose the honour option. (+1)
    • Do not accept the offer to sleep at the washerwoman's hut at the fishing village the first time she offers (unbecoming of an RCM officer). (+1)
    • Fail the Suggestion check to convince the Washerwoman to sign Evrart's document, then refuse to forge the signature when Interfacing suggests it. (+1)
    • Accept the task Find Idiot Doom Spiral's jacket, then ask Washerwoman about the jacket before finding it. Tell her it's honourable to retrieve lost things. (+1)
    • Correct Rosemary's mistake when he tries to sell the bottle of spirits for only 3.00. (+1)
    • Fail the Reaction Speed check when Noid throws the church keys at you, then don't take the money he offers. (+1)
    • Ensure Titus survives the Mercenary Tribunal, then talk to him later and say that it was an honour to fight alongside him (+1). Bring up the people he lost and mention the honour of fighting for something they believed in (+1). Requires Overproductive Honour Glands.
    • Commend the Deserter on his honour and refusing to surrender (+1).