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The Pernikarnassian was the first Innocence, who ruled and lived over 8,000 years ago,[1] either before the discovery of other isolas, or before other isolas formed.[2] Little is known of the Perikarnassian as a person, though Franconegro presumed him male, and would refer to them by the name of Pius. It is unclear why there was so much time between the Perikarnassian and Franconegro, about 7,500 years separating the twos reigns, although it is stated that the Founding Party was continuous between the two[3][4] In religious depictions, they are shown as a young man with molten gold pouring out of his mouth, in relation to the wisdom of their words and their invention of the gold standard. They also invented god; and the equality of men before god.[3]

As the first Innocence, they declared that there should be more of those like them. It is presumed their disciples were the beginning of the Founding Party, which was then known as the Holy Party.[5] The followers of the Perikarnassian would go on to found the Perikarnassian church, utilizing the Star of Perikarnassis, or Chi-Rho, as its symbol: "a great moral height to be strived towards".[6] The Perkinassians were also known for their theories about love as a link to immortality,[7] and, 2,000 years later, would be the first to study the Pale, then known as the Western Plain.[8]

The term Perikarnassian also refers to the Perikarnassian civilization, and the Perikarnassian super-isola, a term that was either an ancient word for Mundi or describes a larger isola that existed pre-pale expansion.

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