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Marianne LePlante, more commonly called The Pigs, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Marianne spent the majority of her life in Martinaise, staying behind even after her own children moved away,[1] and many of the locals grew up calling her "Auntie LePlante".[2] As her mental health began to deteriorate further, she fell into delusions of being one of the "Pigs", brought on from being left alone with Channel 8; a police radio station. [3][4] It is possible her delusions and mental deterioration are the result of insufficient blood flow to her brain during an arrest. When first meeting Harry, she mentions a "Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint" and a "Carotid Sleeper". This suggests the RCM uses a grappling or compliance technique designed to reduce a subjects blood flow through the carotid artery to their brain, rendering them unconscious or "asleep", thus the martial arts term "sleeper hold". A prolonged use of this could be the cause for brain damage, resulting in her erractic behavior and delusions.

Involvement[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – "Who was she?"

    TITUS HARDIE – "Was? Like before? Just an old lady. Her kids moved away years ago. Never come to visit, never took her calls. She gets... out every now and then." He swirls his beer. "She did right by lots of us when we were kids. Always was a little off, but still."

    RHETORIC [Medium: Success] – Us kids? That must have been ages ago. She was better then.

  2. TITUS HARDIE – He takes off his cap and scratches his head. "Auntie LePlante, we always called her. Something LePlante?"

  3. THE PIGS – As you turn to leave, the faintest of voices comes from the old lady. It's but a reflex -- nothing else. "Please leave the radio on... Mr. Morrand is on Channel 8..."

    LOGIC [Medium: Success] – Reflex to what? Being left alone?

    EMPATHY [Legendary: Success] – Exactly. With only the voice of Gareth Morrand to accompany her on Channel 8.

  4. YOU – "How did she get like this?"

    TITUS HARDIE – "Get wanting to be a cop, you mean? Well, she..." He furrows his brow in thought. "Shit, I don't actually know. Anyone know why she started acting like a pig?"

    ALAIN – "No fuckin' clue," the tattooed man shouts. "It's gotta be the crazy. Who'd *want* to be a pig?"

    YOU – "Someone whose only connection to the outside world is Channel 8 and it's cop programs?"