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Kras mazov

The Suicide of Kras Mazov is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

There's something you can’t get out of your head. Kras Mazov, the father of scientific communism, the Premier of the Communist Party of Shest and Graad during the Antecentennial Revolution, head of the Eleven Day Government, sideburn-toting, bearded figurehead of the movement... shot himself in the mouth? And died? One day in his cabinet, as things were collapsing around him? Just gave up? That's not good propaganda, is it? “Вe a communist, shoot yourself in the mouth.” Something about this irks you...

Solution[ | ]

It's clearly a lie. Kras “Kak Ras” Mazov didn't shoot himself. Reaction was on the counter-offensive, the State Day Palace in Mirova was surrounded. He was either assassinated or died in the bombing. You might even have evidence to support this, somewhere in your brain. Mazov was never given a state funeral by the communists. Some people even say the body that was recovered from the ruins wasn't his. There. Good. Hero restored to glory. Carry on, comrade.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 4h 45min research time

  • Research
  • Completion
    • +1 Rhetoric: Mazovian ethics
    • White Check failures heal all Morale

Location[ | ]

  • Examine the trash container behind the Whirling-in-Rags.
  • Ask Garte for the key to the trash container.
  • Pass a passive skill check Rhetoric≥7, choose "Doesn't it seem callous to you"
  • Pass a passive skill check Encyclopedia≥9, choose "Maybe I *am* Kras Mazov"
  • Examine the Bust of Kras Mazov in the apartment building and insist that you are Kras Mazov.