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The TipTop Tournée is an interisolary racing series,[1] mostly known for its high speeds, ludicrous sponsorship deals, and high death toll. In Revachol, it is held quadrennially on the prestigious Zéro Carrousel racing circuit.[2] Its emphasis on said crass commercialism and deadly crashes has received criticism in Communist publications, especially the spectacular emphasis on violent and usually deadly crashes of 750 000 racers.[3]

In Popular Culture[ | ]

The book High Speed Love: the Tragic True Life Story of Jacob Irw and Alfie Deletraz by Cecilia Averbrook recounts the biographies of the titular racers, both considered among the finest in the history of the sport. The two were romantically involved.[4]

References[ | ]

  1. KIM KITSURAGI - "You're right." An vainglorious smile spreads over his face as he pats his machine. "I didn't take you for a motorcar enthusiast. Do you also like TipTop, detective?"
    YOU - "What's TipTop?"
    KIM KITSURAGI - "An interisolary racing series. You should definitely give it a go if you like motor carriages -- it has fantastic competition." He smiles again.
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