The victim's tattoos

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The victim's tattoos is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[edit | edit source]

You have a photo of the hanged man's tattoos. Maybe someone can decipher them, tell you what they mean? You should probably talk to about two people about them for this.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • After Kim takes a photo of the victim's tattoos during the initial phase of the inspection of the body, you'll be able to pursue the matter. You can opt to ask 'Scab Leader' about tattoos, but the task will only get resolved once you talk to Rejoyce Leyton-Messier, the Wild Pines rep, who will reveal that they are traditional mariner tattoos, once popular among Oranjese sailors - now used by soldiers to track their travels and warfighting, and Klaasje, who can tell you about the hanged man himself.