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Tiago is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Tiago speaks in a Villalobos accent.[1] He claims to have been a member of a gang in his past, but does not remember it very well, and believes none of it matters since he found the Mother of Silence.[2] He actually happened on the Church by accident: He used to work in construction, and when he happened upon the Church, he found his religious calling.[3]

Tiago resides in the church on Land's End, which he calls the "Church of the Mother of Silence."[4] A religious devotee, Tiago does not use the church for its intended purpose, as he is not a follower of Dolorianism.[5] Rather, he worships the "Mother of Silence," which is a product of the isolary entroponetic anomaly (the completely silent hole in the world) within the church: A fragment of the pale manifesting within the isola, rather than at its edges.

Interactions[ | ]

  • The ravers in the tent outside of the church ask the player to investigate two "spookers," one of which is Tiago, whom they call the "crab-man" due to his particular way of climbing. Tiago can be encountered by interacting with the quiet spot in the middle of the church, then attempting a Perception 12 check to see what's up above in the rafters. He will show up regardless of the outcome of the check. Tiago has a wealth of information to give about the church and the hole in the world.

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References[ | ]

  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA – That accent is Villalobos -- a peninsula in Mesque *and* a district in Jamrock. There's a sizable contingent of Villalobos-speaking mesques in Revachol.

  2. TIAGO – "I was in a gang, wey. But my memories of that time are fading... Most of them are already gone."

  3. TIAGO – "Hard to say. I think I did some construction work here, back when I still had material worries. Up there, I realized what the true purpose of the church was..."

  4. TIAGO – "This is the Church of the Mother of Silence. You are welcome here." He sways gently on the beams, waiting for you to take it all in.

  5. YOU – "This Mother of Silence -- you mean *her*?" (Point to the window)

    TIAGO – "No, no, no, there's a *new* god in town. And she can't be painted or sculpted, because she has no limbs or even a face. She is the end."