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Tiago is a character in Disco Elysium.


Tiago speaks in a Villalobos accent.[1] He claims to have been a member of a gang in his past, but does not remember it very well.[2] He used to work in construction, which was when he found his religious calling.[3]

Tiago resides in the church on Land's End, which he calls the "Church of the Mother of Silence."[4] A religious devotee, Tiago does not use the church for its intended purpose, as he is not a follower of Dolorianism.[5] Rather, he worships the "Mother of Silence," which is a product of the isolary entroponetic anomaly (the completely silent hole in the world) within the church.


The ravers in the tent outside of the church ask the player to investigate two "spookers," one of which is Tiago, whom they call the "crab-man" due to his particular way of climbing. Tiago can be encountered by interacting with the quiet spot in the middle of the church, then passing a Perception 12 check to see what's up above in the rafters.

Behind the scenes[]

Tiago is voiced by Jonathan G. Rodriguez in The Final Cut. He was voiced by Jonny El Hage in the original version of the game.


  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA - That accent is Villalobos -- a peninsula in Mesque *and* a district in Jamrock. There's a sizable contingent of Villalobos-speaking mesques in Revachol.
  2. TIAGO - "I was in a gang, wey. But my memories of that time are fading... Most of them are already gone."
  3. TIAGO - "Hard to say. I think I did some construction work here, back when I still had material worries. Up there, I realized what the true purpose of the church was..."
  4. TIAGO - "This is the Church of the Mother of Silence. You are welcome here." He sways gently on the beams, waiting for you to take it all in.
  5. YOU - "This Mother of Silence -- you mean *her*?" (Point to the window).
    TIAGO - "No, no, no, there's a *new* god in town. And she can't be painted or sculpted, because she has no limbs or even a face. She is the end."