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TOMMY LE HOMME – "Yeah..." He doesn't know what to say, so he just repeats: "Yeah-yeah. I get it. These are *your* rhymes, they're from your life. Doesn't matter if they're robust, they're honest. So... thanks man."

Tommy Le Homme is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A young family man pacing anxiously near his lorry, stuck in the traffic jam for several days with the others. He is a bit more talented than one might assume, doing a tedious, dead-end job just to keep the family afloat. Tends to wax poetic when gets emotional (stressed, irritated, anxious), especially when discussing his family or FALN, where they live.

His family is in Deora-of-the-Seven-Seas, on the other end of the continent, on a small island off the coast of Le Caillou, Laurentide. He misses his children and his wife greatly and being stuck in a traffic jam has done little to lift his spirits.

His actual name is Jerry Lefitte, but he likes Tommy Le Homme better, seeing it as a stage name for his dream of being a musician (he cannot adopt the grammatically correct form L'Homme, because it was already taken).

Interactions[ | ]

  • Standing just outside Whirling-in-Rags, Tommy is an opportunity to jaw a little about reality and the feeling of being stranded in a week-old traffic jam caused by the Union strike. You can get quite a lot out of him with Conceptualization passive checks.
  • You can use Empathy (Formidable 13) to peer into his eyes and realize the depths of his longing, being separated from his family for so long. Doing so is worth 5 XP.
  • You can hit him with a Conceptualization Formidable 13 White check, proposing your best verses. Numerous factors from his dialogue can make it easier. This whole check also provides a whole lot of points towards earning your Actual Art Degree.

YOU – "A mirror's temperature is always zero. It is ice in the veins. Its camera is an x-ray."

YOU – "It is a chalice held out to you in silent communion."

YOU – "Where gaspingly you partake of a shifting identity never your own."

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The lines he mutters to himself when spoken to for the first time - "I am a gander and a hunter and a gatherer, feel like a traveller... from another planet" - are from the song "Want To Be Free" by the band Sea Power.