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Though I understand the socio-economic causes of the Revolution, it pains me to imagine the revolutionaries setting fire to this precious device. But so they did. The Feld Playback Experiment vanished into the fires of '07.

Trant Heidelstam is a character in Disco Elysium.


Heidelstam is a civilian consultant for the RCM Major Crimes Unit, who seems to specialize in psychology. He is a well-traveled man who has also worked in Oranje, at the exhibition at the Wompty-Dompty-Dom Centre in Vredefort, working with Paul Ockermann, head curator at the time, and twins Keith and Guy Joost. In '51, he's working on a special assignment from Precinct 41: After Harrier Du Bois, lieutenant in charge of the MCU, suffered a psychotic break and lost his memories, he is aiding Jean Vicquemare in evaluating his partner's mental state and ability to lead the MCU.

He takes the opportunity to visit landmarks in Martinaise with his son, Mikael Heidelstam, such as the historic Feld building in Land's End.


  • Trant is encountered on Day 3, after the water lock is repaired, at the Feld building. He offers a lot of information on FELD and its history, as well as pointers that can help figure out where Ruby is hiding.
    • Talking to Trant can unlock the Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre thought.
    • One of the dialogue branches reveals that Trant spends 4 hours a day practicing a martial art called Lomantang stick fighting.
    • The same dialogue branch implies that Trant has previously experienced a pyrholidon addiction.
  • His final appearance is after returning from the Sea Fortress, where he participates in the end debriefing and evaluation. He is quite sympathetic to Harry and will help overcome Jean's bitterness, especially if Harry brings the Phasmid's photo along to prove the discovery of a new species.
    • During the dialogue branch where you confront Trant about being a special consultant you can learn that Trant shares custody of Mikael with Mikael's mother, implying that Trant is not in a romantic or sexual relationship with Mikael's mother.
    • Trant will comment that you setting the aero-graffito on fire as a poetic gesture is a "good choice".