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Turn back the wheels of time is a task in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

A true kingsman *cannot* stomach the grotesque parody of Old Revachol your home has become. *Assez*! Find a way to turn back time, save the Suzerainty and give *love* a second chance.

Details[ | ]

  • Saying at least four fascist things will cause an Endurance thought orb to show above Harry's head. Agreeing with Endurance will gain the Revacholian Nationhood thought.[a]
  • Once Harry sleeps on Day 3, he will have the option to initiate this task.
  • An Endurance thought orb will show above Harry's head, and agreeing to this will prompt the “Turn back the wheels of time” quest.
  • Talk to Gary, the Cryptofascist, the Racist lorry driver, Measurehead and old René about turning back time.
  • Measurehead will not elaborate on the topic until you 'Get a reality lowdown'
  • You can get the quest from Lena and complete it by talking to Joyce (20 Conceptualization and 14 Esprit de Corps checks, and learning all she has to say about reality)
  • Pass an 18 Suggestion check with Measurehead and accompany him into his mother's office
  • Talk to the Paledriver
  • Face the mirror in Harry's Coastal Shack or his room in the Whirling-in-Rags and complete an 18 Endurance Red check. (only success will unlock the rewards)

Notes[ | ]

  • Harry should complete this task before assisting Morell, the Cryptozoologist, otherwise Gary will leave for his apartment, preventing the completion of the task.
  1. Though it is unnecessary to internalize this thought, Harry must trigger this event and have enough points in fascism to be considered a fascist, unlocking the task during his dream on Day 3.