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INDIRECT MODES OF TAXATION – Turns out those Financial Oversight Committee gangsters stuffed millions of hard-earned dividends away in the last place anyone thought to look: the hearts and minds of everyday Revacholians! You need to spread that deregulation gospel to the *people*. Tell them about that foreign fare tax. Preach that 98% gross burden. Preach it, preacher man! Set the brothas free. Taxes are racist.

Ultraliberalism is a political alignment in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Ultraliberals, also called Ultras[1] or simply liberals,[2] are radical right-wing hustlers and free market advocates who believe in tax reductions and privatizations.[3] The Ultras first appeared as a middle-class bourgeois group who sided with the Revacholian Communists during the Antecentennial Revolution,[4] though they would later come to support the Coalition of Nations as the Commune began to fall.[5] Their betrayal granted them a number of economic rights and benefits, but also resulted in an ultimate subservience to the law of the Moralist International.[6]

Ideology[ | ]

Ultraliberalism presupposes that state interference in commerce is immoral,[7] and disturbs the self-regulating nature of the market,[8] represented by its "spectral hand", which ensures that everybody gets what they work for.[9] They are also against taxation, believing it to be theft,[10] and argue that the Zone of Control's Gossamer State is a sham, given that tax is still collected through indirect modes.[11] Ultraliberals also value diligence and duty in the pursuit of wealth.[12]

In Revachol, the cultural movement of The New, which took place during the '30s, is said to exemplify free market economy and ultraliberal values.[13] It emphasized partying, disco music, ostentation, and champagne.[14] Despite that, Ultras are seen poorly in Revachol, and many do not reveal their political stance, being seen as traitors to both the Royalists and Communists.[5] Some Ultras, such as Rejoyce-Leyton Messier, claim that the group squandered their chance at sovereignty by voluntarily surrendering Revachol to the Coalition after the fall of the Commune,[15] and believe they should have defended it and kept it for themselves.[16]

Extremely rich Ultraliberals are said to have a secret knock used to identify each other, known as the Milton 32-8 knock.[17] Its pattern is derived from data sonification of time series data from the world's most profitable bank in the '30s.[18]

References[ | ]

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