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The Republic of Vesper is an Occidental nation[1] on the Mundi isola.[2] It is situated partially on a peninsula on the southeast of the Occident and is close in proximity to the pale.


Vesper used to be the Republic of Vesper-Messina, a dual kingdom. The two countries parted ways amicably creating Vesper and Messina.[1]


Vesper is known for it's exotic financial derivatives.[1] Averro, SRL, is a chain of high-end pharmacies found only in Vesper and Messina.[3] The Harmon Wowshi W02 boombox is manufactured in Vesper.[4] A Vespertine holding company snatched up the Coupris brand name.[5]

Politics and Government[]

Vesper is a constitutional monarchy.[1] It is aligned with Moralism and is a member of the Moralintern and the Coalition of Nations that occupies Revachol.[6]

It's Department of Justice has published a paper on criminal profiling in former socialist states.[7] Systems analysts from Vesper have analyzed and expressed worries about the Revacholian Zone of Control staying up.[8] Vesper's passport is blue and has the Vespertine coat of arms (a lion and an ostrich, sejant) on the cover.[9]


Dick Mullen is a Vespertine crime novel series.[10] Vesper is also known for it's cop shows and spy novels.[11] These cop shows act as influence for many of the RCM's fashions and culture.[12] The Antistar was a Vespertine rock star famous for shooting morphine into one eyeball and cocaine into the other.[13] He would later die as a result of his drug use.[14] The Franconigerian boiadero culture is an appropriation of Vespertine cool.[15] Vespertine proto-expressionism is a major artistic movement from the last century.[16]

The language spoken in Vesper is Vespertine.[17]


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