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Victor Méjean, or the Working Class Husband, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Interactions[ | ]

  • The working class husband is at the center of the task to find the working class woman's missing husband. Harry can volunteer to bring him home. The husband's corpse can be found on the boardwalk northwest of the Fishing village.

References[ | ]

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    VISUAL CALCULUS [Easy: Success] – Height: 170-175 cm, curly hair, stout build. Age: approximately 50-60 years.

  2. WORKING CLASS CORPSE – The man has fallen through a crack in the boardwalk and hit his head against the metal bench. Coagulated blood covers his black hair. One of his feet is still dangling through the hole.

  3. KIM KITSURAGI – "The man was about 173 cm tall, stout, with dark hair and a moustache. We suspect he might have been inebriated when he slipped -- there were bottles all around him, and traces of vomit on his shirt."