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Villalobos is a location in Disco Elysium.


Named after a peninsula in Mesque, this district is inhabited primarily by emigres from the isola. It's known for its large housing projects and Mesque gangs, notable for their culture, rather than mere presence - it's par for the course west of the river. Villalobos was notable for a certain mural case handled by Harrier Du Bois. Nine thousand people subjected to the mural's message -- all of Lakeside (Central Jamrock) and Villalobos, plus half of the Eminent Domain -- participated in a vote whether to remove or preserve it.[1]

There's an entire street walled off and turned into a poppy field by a deified gangster called The Mazda, while his mortal enemy La Puta Madre exclusively employs former narcotics officers to farm his own fields.[2]