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Visual Calculus is an Intellect skill in Disco Elysium. Reconstruct crime scenes. Make laws of physics work for the Law.

Cool for: Forensics Scientists, Tactical Fighters, Math-Minded People

Visual Calculus verses you not only in the laws of the state, but the laws of nature. It enables you to create virtual crime-scene models in your mind’s eye. You’ll see how a bullet shattered the glass and from that trace its trajectory with mathematical precision. You’ll also count so many footprints – and at a glance discern shoe size and design; as well as the height, weight, and gender of the one who wore them.

At high levels, Visual Calculus makes the world reveal its secrets to you – but you may be so absorbed by your mind-diorama, you don’t notice as crooks steal your pants. However, at low levels, your mind’s eye will be blind. Reconstructing crime scenes will be difficult without outside help.


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