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What follows is a list of voice actors who appeared in Disco Elysium.

In the original version of the game, voice acting was present, though limited to certain scenes, lines, and/or characters, mostly introductions. With The Final Cut, every single line of dialogue and written text is voice acted.

Voice settings[ | ]

There are three voice-over settings in Disco Elysium, which can be adjusted via the game's settings.

  • Full - The full voiceover, as introduced by The Final Cut. Everything in the game is voiced.
  • Psychological - The narration for internal thoughts and skills are disabled. All other characters that are not part of the player's mind are voiced.
  • Classic - The voice acting in the original version of the game, at release.

The Final Cut voice actors[ | ]

As the most recent edition of the game and the default voice setting, The Final Cut voice actors are listed first, in order of their appearance in the in-game credits.

Actor Voiced character(s)
Mikee W. Goodman Ancient Reptilian Brain / Beautiful Necktie / Bird's Nest Roy / Bloated Corpse of a Drunk / Cuno's Dad / Don't Call Abigail / The Great Doorgunner Megamix / The Hanged Man / Horrific Necktie / Limbic System / Payphone: Girard / Payphone: Writer / Ruud Hoenkloewen / Spinal Cord / Strikebreaker / Tare Drunk
Lenval Brown Narrator / Tutorial Agent / Authority / Composure / Conceptualization / Drama / Electrochemistry / Empathy / Encyclopedia / Endurance / Esprit de Corps / Half Light / Hand-Eye Coordination Inland Empire / Logic / Suggestion / Interfacing / Pain Threshold / Perception / Physical Instrument / Reaction Speed / Rhetoric / Savoir Faire / Shivers / Visual Calculus / Volition
Tegen Hitchens 24H Window Company / De Paule / Electronic Doorbell / Joyce Messier / Lena, the Cryptozoologist's wife / Lilienne, the Net Picker / Sylvie / Women's Rights / Working Class Woman
Mack McGuire Titus Hardie / Raul Kortenaer (Scab Leader) / Mysterious Eyes / Sleeping Dockworker / Moneyman / Working Class Drunk / Barry the Butcher / Job Market Loser / Old Scab
Jonathon West Idiot Doom Spiral / Man on Waterlock / Jamrock Public Library / Shanky / Probably a Migrant / Scab / Fat Angus
Jullian Champenois Kim Kitsuragi
Chris Lines The Deserter
Oliver Dabiri Cuno / Boy Strikebreaker
Adam Stanley Garte, the Cafeteria Manager / Unemployed Person / Sad Scab / Banger Scab
Jorel Paul Theo / René Arnoux
Adi Alfa Elizabeth the Gardener
Marine d'Aure Klaasje / Alice / Radio / Tutorial Agent
Yoana Nikolova Measurehead's Babe / Novelty Dicemaker
Annie Warburton Cunoesse / Judit Minot (Horse-Faced Woman) / Payphone: Dora / Dolores Dei
Tariq Khan Evrart Claire / Andre / Glen / Egg Head / Rosemary / Steban, the Student Communist
Jonny El Hage Easy Leo / Chester McLaine / Another Scab / DJ Flacio
Amy Lightowler Acele
Stephen Hill Gary, the Cryptofascist
Paul Delaross Morell, the Cryptozoologist
Cathering Blandford Plaisance
Lucky Singh Azad Siileng
Peter Svatik Trant Heidelstam / Former Coal Miner
Xiayah St. Ruth Cindy the SKULL
Margaret Ashley The Pigs / Payphone: Baroness / Mother of a Scab
Miro Kokenov Mega Rich Light-Bending Guy
Anita Kyoda Coalition Warship Archer
Elina Hietala Soona, the Programmer
David Meyrat Jean Vicquemare (Man with Sunglasses)
Hervé Carrascosa Gaston Martin
Pierre Maubouché Racist Lorry Driver
Luisa Guerreiro East-Insulindian Repeater Station
Suzie Sadler Annette
Dot Major Noid
Kyle James Pissf****t
Kyle Simmons Video Revachol, 24H
Amber Putnam Ruby, the Instigator
Maria Elena Carbonell Albors Paledriver
Christopher Gee Nix Gottlieb / Large Scab
Jonathan G. Rodriguez Tiago / Alphonse the Scab
Hayley Leggs Real Estate Agent / Tricentennial Electrics
Dizzy DROS Measurehead
Mark Holcomb Call Me Mañana / Tommy Le Homme / Smoker on the Balcony
Jean-Pascal Heynemand Sunday Friend
Carla Weingarten Woman from Gottwald
Benji Webbe Eugene / DJ Mesh
Honor Davis-Pye Little Lily
Xander Phillips Mikael Heidelstam
Alexandre Dewen Jules Pidieu
Linah Rocio La Revacholière
Coco Prada Alaine
Ev Ryan Cleaning Lady
Veronica Chon Washerwoman
Yuan Zhang-Taal Insulindian Phasmid
Zachary Sowden Lilienne's Twins
Kaur Kender Gorący Kubek
Jafro Fuck the World / Payphone: Young Man / Very Hard to Exploit Handicapped Person
Moritz Bäckerling Echo Maker
Setty Brosevelt Mack Torson / Canal Crew / Right-to-Worker

Original voice actors[ | ]

The voice actors in the original version of the game at release are listed in order of their appearance in the in-game credits.

Actor Voiced character(s)
Mikee W. Goodman Ancient Reptilian Brain / Limbic System / Spinal Cord / Bird's Nest Roy / The Deserter / Ruud Hoenkloewen / Idiot Doom Spiral / Don't Call Abigail
Tariq Khan Evrart Claire / Sunday Friend / Egg Head / Andre
Tegen Hitchens Joyce Messier / Working Class Woman / De Paule / Lilienne, the Net Picker / The Pigs
Dot Major Cuno / Jean Vicquemare
Anneka Warburton Dolores Dei / Judit Minot / Cunoesse / Trailer Narrator
Jullian Champenois Kim Kitsuragi
Mark Holcomb Tommy Le Homme / Call Me Mañana
Lenval Brown Trailer Narration
Amber Janelle Putnam Ruby, the Instigator
Ev Ryan Lena, the Cryptozoologist's wife / Cleaning Lady
Johnuel Hasney Pissf****t
Amit Sharma Trant Heidelstam
Yoana Nikolova Novelty Dicemaker / Measurehead's Babe
Rebecca Korang Elizabeth the Gardener
Stephen Hill Gary, the Cryptofascist
Suzie Sadler Annette
Ida May Soona, the Lead Programmer
Pierre Maubouché Racist Lorry Driver
Dasha Nekrasova Klaasje
Dizzy DROS Measurehead
Adam Lawton Stanley Garte, the Cafeteria Manager
Xiyah St. Ruth Cindy the SKULL
Kyle Simmons Morell, the Cryptozoologist
Jonny El Hage Easy Leo / Tiago
Ben Davies René Arnoux
Chris Nicolaides Gaston Martin
Veronica Chon Washerwoman
Elena Dent Frittte Clerk
Maria Elena Carbonell Abors Paledriver
Will Menaker Siileng / Fuck the World
Felix Biederman Scab Leader (Kortenaer) / Rosemary
Virgil Texas Smoker on the Balcony
Matt Christman Titus Hardie
Liam Lever Noid
Amy Lightowler Acele
Catherine Blandford Plaisance
Eva-Lotta Soomer Little Lily
Pete Curtis Additional Voiceovers

Casting, direction, and sound design[ | ]

  • Casting was provided by Mikee W. Goodman.
  • Voiceover direction was provided by Mikee W. Goodman and Jim Ashilevi; with The Final Cut, Cash de Cuir also joined as a voiceover director.
  • Sound design was provided by Andrus Laanslu and Yuan Zhang-Taal; only Zhang-Taal worked on The Final Cut (and also voiced the Insulindian Phasmid).
  • Liis Väljaots worked on The Final Cut as a sound assistant.
  • Dialogue audio engineers on The Final Cut include Mikee W. Goodman, Dan Marshall, and Gez Walton. Additional audio engineers on The Final Cut include Andrew Robinson, Russel Miller, Colin Walker, and Matthew Miller.