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Volition is an Psyche skill in Disco Elysium. Hold yourself together. Keep your Morale up.

Cool for: Sane People, Well-Adjusted Cops, The Non-Suicidal

Volition urges you to be a good guy – to others and to yourself. It enables you to resist temptation: be it in a bottle, between a pair of legs, or at the end of an iron barrel which promises oblivion. Volition gives you the will to finish the investigation, improving your Morale – one of the two health pools in the game.

At high levels, Volition makes you hyper-sane. When you’re about to get funky, it keeps you normal. It’s a bit of a party-pooper. At low levels, however, you’ll have little Morale. Without it, you’ll be profoundly unstable cop, falling apart at the seams as you make irreversible mistakes.


Clothing bonuses[]

Thought bonuses[]