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Isobel Sadie, simply called Washerwoman in the game, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

She is one of the residents in the Fishing village. Her children moved away from the village a long time ago, but she remains as a washerwoman in the village. She can give you access to one of two resting areas in the game.

Interactions[ | ]

  • You can ask her if you can stay in the locked shack at the Fishing Village. Doing so unlocks one of the two resting areas in the game. This resting area does not require Reál, but can only be accessed on Day 3 and onwards.
  • Because she's a washerwoman, you can ask her to clean the Filthy Jacket you find on the boardwalk. This requires 30 minutes.
  • You can ask what song she is humming and she will reply that it's a lullaby sung by her mother; the name of the lullaby is "Surrender to the Night." You can agree or disagree if it's a good song.
  • You can ask what is in the fishing village and she will reply that it's "just us" and that it practically doesn't exist. You can comment about its general state. Depending on what you say, you may suffer morale damage.
  • Asking about anything else makes her mention "The Pox." She clarifies that it's an old military hospital, and gives a background on its history.
  • Asking her if you can make any money in the village results in her stating that there's nothing to gain in the village.
  • You can ask her about the northern part of the coast. She will give information regarding the church, the reason why it was abandoned, and information on the people who are interested in it.
  • She is part of the Ask Ruby in the village task. She will be very reluctant, but after finding a bullet in the fishing shack, she will open up to your questioning.
  • She can be a part of the Get two signatures for Evrart task that Evrart Claire gives you.

Gallery[ | ]