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What body is an achievement in Disco Elysium.

How to obtain[ | ]

  • Solve the case without ever interacting with the body. This is doable: You can interact with the dumpster, talk to Cuno, even the footprints, but do not ever click on the body.
  • At the final conversation, you need to pick the right dialogue options. When talking to Jean Vicquemare, show him the gun (or admit you don't have one), until he accuses Harry of being a horrible drunk.
  • Reply with "I quit drinking. Forever. It's only me in this boring hell hole now." (Or choose the lie option if you have drank during the playthrough)
  • When he says "I don’t buy it. Why do you smell like a *corpse* then? Huh?", say "Wait, what smell?! I didn't even get close to the damn corpse and I *still* solved the case. That's how good I am."
  • This unlocks the achievement.

Save file info[ | ]

  • The in-game variable responsible for this achievement is "TASK.inspect_the_dead_body_done"
  • This variable is set when completing the quest 'Inspect victim's body'. This means all interactions with the body are safe until selecting: "We've been thorough. Do you have a plan for getting him down?" (Proceed.)
  • The variable is found in the 8MB ntwtf.lua file inside each save file. Its value is the 2nd byte after 'TASK.inspect_the_dead_body_done'. It is 0x00 at start of game, and 0x01 after completing 'Inspect victim's body'.