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The Whirling-in-Rags is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Located at Martinaise North 22, the Whirling-In-Rags is a hostel cafeteria on the coast of Revachol, in Martinaise. It is managed by Lawrence Garte, who got the name from the song "Hail Holy Queen" by The Etenniers. Sylvie Malaìika tended the bar, before she decided to quit as a result of invasion by a seemingly otherworldly, disco force: Harrier Du Bois.

The building itself was originally erected as part of the East Delta Commercial Area project, and was referred to as Building B (the Doomed Commercial Area is Building A), and the main hall features gorgeous pre-Revolution tile work that somehow managed to escape the destruction sowed by the Coalition. It originally used to be an arcade hall - East Delta Pinball - with a pinball workshop located on the upper floors. Any broken machines could be taken upstairs using a small Halter 800 freight elevator. The place went bust around '88, the last time the elevator was ever maintained.

Points of interest[ | ]

It features a hall with tables, pinball machines (including a Royal Pinball), a small stage and a bar, a kitchen, a Union reunion room, and three bedrooms for rent. Most of its customers are dockworkers.

  • There are three guest rooms upstairs, with you waking up in room #1 at the start of the game, ruined beyond recognition. Your clothes are scattered all over, the stereo is destroyed, and there's a ton of tare throughout plus a broken window that you can use Visual Calculus (Easy 9) on to assess the damage. In the foul-smelling bathroom is a faucet and a mirror that you can use to remove the Expression (that ugly grin) with an Electrochemistry check (Impossible 18) or use Encyclopedia (Formidable 13) to unlock the Guillaume le Million thought. Leaving the room requires finding the key in your pants pocket.
  • By knowing about Ostentatious Orchestrations a +1 modifier will be applied when attempting to complete a White Encyclopedia Check to find the source of the Expression. Passing the previous Electrochemistry check will earn an additional +2 modifier to remove the Expression after learning of its origin.
  • Shaving Harry's moustache in the Coastal Shack (Day 3+) will award a positive modifier while passing the Electrochemistry check.
    • The room is one of two houses available in the game, but it requires paying 20.00 each day until you resolve the mercenary tribunal. At that point, Garte will clean up the room and let you rest for free.
  • The center room belongs to Kim Kitsuragi. It's not accessible until after the Tribunal.
  • The right room belongs to Klaasje and is a double-decker. Downstairs is the bathroom and writing desk, while upstairs is the bedroom, Klaasje herself, and an entrance to the abandoned workshop.
  • The upper floor corridor leads to the outer balcony, where you can find the other shoe, go debrief with Kim, or collect 0.40 from the counter. The radio will list weather forecasts for Elysium.
Ground floor
  • The largest area of Whirling, housing the mess hall, the box for Union workers (reserved for use by Hardie boys), counter, kitchen, and karaoke stage. Lawrence Garte tends to the counter, trying to fix a ruined taxidermied bird (which you destroyed in a drunken fit) and trying to figure out how much money is needed to cover the damages.
  • Kim Kitsuragi waits at the entrance to the Whirling and will immediately engage you in conversation. Lena, the Cryptozoologist's wife is right next to him in a wheelchair and offers some information on reality you might find useful (though she is, by her own admission, not the best source). The Sleeping Dockworker has some pills on him and a knocked-over bottle of rum next to him (yum!). You can steal his identity card with Interfacing (Medium 10) or try to wake him up with Physical Instrument (Challenging 12).
  • After 13:00 on the first day, the kitchen will open, with Gorący Kubek tending to the stove. The back door provides access to the workshop, but you must find the key first.
  • Starting with the second day, the Hardie Boys will appear, led by Titus Hardie, with Elizabeth Beaufort providing legal counsel. They occupy the box by the entrance and include Fat Angus, Eugene, Glen, Theo, Shanky.
  • You can use Visual Calculus (Medium 11) on the damaged fence next to the Whirling to reconstruct what happened there. This is foreshadowing a revelation down the road, on Day 3. A car was there.
  • In the courtyard behind the Whirling is a lone tree with a body hanging from it - Ellis Kortenaer - with Cuno and Cunoesse "playing" in the dirt. In the courtyard you can access the trash container (either Physical Instrument Legendary 14 or just asking Lawrence Garte for the key), which will yield the Yellow-Man Mug clue, your ledger, and damaged clothes of the victim. At the dead end, you can interact with the asbestos plate to reveal entrance into Cuno's shack (made easier if he trusts you) and grab some real and magnesium from the box by the greenhouse.
  • If you do not have enough money to pay Garte back, you can try sleeping in the trash bin. Doing so will result in an unique animation, as Tequila Sunset opens it, climbs inside, and goes to sleep. This is a game over, however.

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Trivia[ | ]

There is a radio in the upstairs lounge tuned to an interisolar weather-station.
The forecasts are as follows:

  • La Parbat, 26° centigrade, arid.
  • Vrederfort, 15° centigrade, dull.
  • Deora, 19° centigrade, clear.
  • Thylakos-by-Pisantique, 28° centigrade, limited rainfall.
  • Loos, 11° centigrade, rainfall.
  • Revachol (Special Administration Region), 0° centigrade, black ice warning.
  • Shestaprel, -9° centigrade, overcast.
  • Igaunas, -4° centigrade, bad road conditions.
  • Vaasa, -12° centigrade, hail.
  • Seol Cite, not available.
  • Yelinka, -44° centigrade, snowstorm.
  • Lohdu, Uuhu Reservation, -22° centigrade, snowdrifts.
  • Stepankedra, 9° centigrade, anafront.
  • Ialal-Sahrava, 52° centigrade, sun breaks and starbursts.
  • Mirova, 20° centigrade, partial cloud cover.