Who made the call reporting the crime?

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Who made the call reporting the crime? is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[edit | edit source]

Someone reported the hanging to the RCM. Maybe if you find out who it was, it may shed new light on the events. You have an idea where to start, but the caller could have been anyone.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The task is added once you learn about the phone call that reported the crime. You can call Sylvie Malaìika using Kim's shortwave after learning the phone number from Lawrence Garte (to ask whether or not she made the call).
  • At the beginning of the call an Empathy check (passive check medium 10) will inform you that she is uncomfortable speaking with you again. Additionally a Suggestion check (passive easy 9) will give you the impression of a sliver of accusation to her words. You ask her if she is referring to you and she will say, "I *really* don't want to talk about this."
  • If you met the requirement for the previous checks, ending the call will supply a red Empathy check (medium 10), asking her why she seems angry with you. Succeeding the check will prompt her to tell you all of the horrid things you did.
    • Your role in the destruction of the taxidermy bird (Skua).
    • Blasting the song "We Go On' by the OO," (giving you an opportunity to say sorry, advancing the road to becoming a sorry cop).
      • This also unlocks a dialogue option giving you a lead on what song you can sing at karaoke.
    • Refusing to allow the cleaners to clean you room claiming that it was an experiment to see how bad it can get (prompting another sorry).
    • Clogging the toilet with your police documents causing the damage to the kitchen.
    • Harassing customers by threatening to sing karaoke and kill yourself.
    • Ending this exchange will give you options that allow you progress sorry cop (option 1), apocalypse cop (option 2), superstar cop (option 4), or boring cop (option 5).
  • You learn that Sylvie didn't make the call. Keep searching for the caller—despite lacking any obvious leads. This task will not be resolved until you meet Klaasje and question her about her role in the murder.