Who put the clothes in the trash?

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Who put the clothes in the trash? is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[edit | edit source]

The victim's clothes were in the trash container out back, neatly folded. Who could have put them there, and why? Only the Whirling staff was supposed to have the key.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Once you open trash container, you will find the victim's clothes in the trash. This raises the question: Who has unauthorized access to the Whirling trash? You will have to find this person to know who tampered with the scene. (It may take a while.)
  • You can get information from Garte and Cuno, but they won't be of much help beyond that. You need to wait until Day 3 to find Gary, the Cryptofascist, and interrogate him. Once you connect him with the Yellow-Man Mug, he will spill the beans and reveal that he's been putting his trash in the can and eventually cleaned up the scene out of pity for the hanged mercenary... And scored the Fairweather T-500 cuirass in the process. Huh. You can collect it from him, earning a bulletproof breastplate that fits snugly beneath your jacket.