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East-Insulindian Repeater Station is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

At first only known as East-Insulindian Repeater Station, later known as Yvonne, there are just the tiniest snippets to learn about her. Her voice, carried by the static of the radio waves, sounds like hundreds of years old. It paints an image of a small old woman, all skin and bones, 74 years old, wearing a pair of prescription lenses, sitting in the cubical of the repeater station on the River Esperance, stuffed with radio equipment to receive the incoming messages of the people scattered all over the land.

She works at Repeater Station No. 1 as a password repeater, her job to protect memory filaments by retrieving the passwords, to let the requester access the data. For the outsider it may seem lonely, sitting in the repeater booth all day, but she likes to talk to all these different people tuning in.

She is contractually obliged to protect the privacy of the filament holder. Only a warrant filed with her employer, Lintel, can lift it.

Interactions[ | ]

  • during conversation she can give you background information, about Fortress Accident, but you, posing more questions, get drowned in static
  • you can greet her, when speaking to her a second time, but you’re not really sure whether she recognizes you
  • You can try guessing the password, but it leads nowhere
  • you can get the password for accessing the filaments, owned by Fortress Accident, through talking to Tiago